"Be yourself! Everyone else is taken!"

This quotation works well with my philosophy of teaching voice. Your voice is precious because it belongs to you alone and cannot be replaced! This includes your speaking voice.

I work with your natural voice to develop a  relaxed technique that promotes vocal health, with correct diaphragmatic breathing. I am skilled in identifying and remedying vocal problems by taking students back to the core of their voice and strengthening it. After this I work on the extension of range, both lower and higher, being careful to avoid a forced tone, that could damage the voice. This is especially important in the teen years, when both boys' and girls' voices undergo many physical changes.

I spend much time locating your best tessitura (working range) and make sure that even contemporary repertoire is transposed into the key that is right for you. I also encourage you to develop your own sense of artistry and to select repertoire that matches your individual voice and style, rather than slavishly copy any other artist (be they classical or modern).

I have successfully prepared students for exams and eisteddfods in the past and am familiar with the requirements of such examining boards as: the AMEB, Trinity College and Saint Cecilia's, as well as the VCE. This includes the Classical, Music Theatre and Contemporary repertoire of each of these boards.

I have developed a Beginner's course for my private voice students, which incorporates the use of an unforced vocal technique, using both world music and appropriate contemporary songs.

I, at the same time, encourage creativity through improvisation, both solos and in a group, over

common chord progressions. I include the use of vocables and body percussion to give

the student a greater sense of control over their own learning.

Beginners to grade 6 AMEB are welcome. Enquiries about VCE are also invited.