I encourage voice students to develop a relaxed vocal technique that both promotes vocal health, while extending their range and working with their own natural voice. I am skilled in identifying and remedying vocal problems by taking students back to the core of their voice and strengthening it. Choice of repertoire extends to a range of styles that include classical, folk, musical theatre and contemporary. It is done in consultation with the student and reflects the student's natural voice type and interest. Upon student requests I make arrangements of suitable contemporary songs, ensuring that the key and style suit the student's natural voice.


I am currently developing a course for my private voice students which incorporates the use of an unforced vocal technique. This includes both world music and appropriate contemporary songs, while at the same time encouraging creativity through improvisation, whether solo or in a group, over a number of common chord progressions. I include the use of vocables and body percussion to give the student a greater sense of control over their own learning.