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One of my greatest strengths as a keyboard teacher is the ability to trouble shoot technical problems

in students who may be unable to achieve their performance goals due to excessive tension in their

hands. I am a practitioner of a technique that involves the use of arm weight. This uses the natural

weight of the fingers and arms for tone production, which allows greater mobility and speed due to

the reduction of tension in the hands.

My students are taught to play with a pure, expressive tone that explores the differing tone colours of the piano by using the appropriate touch, without creating strain. It is this technique that is the focus of the latest AMEB, series 18, technical workbooks. Repertoire is drawn from many sources, including, but not limited to, the  publications of various examining boards. The technique used to play Debussy, also works with Joe Hisaishi's piano arrangements of his own anime` music, or even the work of Yiruma. Robotic playing is discouraged in favour of this more thoughtful, expressive approach.

Through my studies in Musicology I have an excellent sense of styles and how to attain those styles

physically. I integrate theory with performance and find improvisation, leading to composition,

especially useful for developing the students’ creativity. Students are exposed to a variety of

pieces and progress rapidly.

I have successfully entered students for exams with a variety of examining boards, that include: AMEB, ANZCA and the ABRSM. Through regular attendance at such conferences as the Piano Teachers’ Day, held annually at Bernies’ Musicland, I keep myself informed about the latest initiatives with the most commonly used examining bodies: e.g. Saint Cecilia’s, Trinity College, the AMEB for leisure series and ANZCA.

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Piano is not robotics!

Perform with a style that expresses your individuality, while at the same time demonstrating  your understanding of the individual styles of the composers you are performing.

Develop the technique that allows you to achieve your performance goals!